Frogging Everything

So lately I just have not been happy with any patterns out there.  I have attepmted to knit three or four tanks this last week and I absolutely hated them all.  I would knit about half of it and realize that I didn’t like the pattern.  I even designed my own pattern, which was very pretty, but the yarn I was using wasn’t right for the design.  I wrote down the pattern and unraveled the tank.  I think I am just going to work on the afghan for now.  Atleast I know what it is going to look like in the end.  Maybe I will just do some hats or something.  I can start making hat and scarve sets now and just save them for the winter.  I know that it’s far away, but what else am I supposed to knit?  It’s going to get too hot here to wear anything knitted, even if it’s made of cotton.


Oh, I finished the decepticon square.  I borrowed a free chart on ravelry and adjusted it to the size I wanted.  Here are the two squares next to each other. 


Also, I have been growing some beans in a bottle of water for peanut.  The beans sprouted roots after a day and a half.   Today, Anthony planted the beans outside for me.  I hope they grow quickly.  The weatherman was expecting a frost last night so I waited til today to plant them.  I had asked Anthony to plant them as a joke, but then he actually did it.  I love him.  🙂  I will take pics of the beans if they grow.  If not, I will be sad.


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  1. Thanks for letting me know, but the website isn’t working. I am a little confused, I just started blogging a few weeks ago, what exactly is this websiite doing?
    By the way, I love your site, very cute crochet.

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