Peanut’s Fish Hat

I am working on next week’s hat early.  I am using the Fish (Dead or Alive) pattern from  I have done a lot of math calculations and internet research on the stripes of clown fish.  So far I have four pages of notes, and I have completed about 5 inches or so.  After the first stripe pattern I was amazed by how awesome the pattern is.  No wonder more than 860 of these hats have been made.  And that is just the amount of projects that were posted on Ravelry since the pattern came out in the Fall 2008 issue of Knitty.  I am sure a lot of people who aren’t on Ravelry have also made it.  Here are pics of what I have so far.  It rained yesterday so the daylight was horrible for picture taking, sorry.


I also have some new socks on the needles.  Yay!  I am using Bernat Satin Sport on size US 3 needles.  So far I have worked a few rows of the cuff on the first sock.  I really like the pattern, it is a lacy pattern I found online.  I have yet to post it on ravelry so I don’t know where I got it from exactly.  I will post the website once I post the pictures. 

Finally, I have decided to make a chunky tam from the Knit.1 Fall Winter 2008 issue.  Yes, it’s the issue with the missing pages, but luckily this pattern is complete.  I will use Red Heart Super Solids in Dark Orchid for this hat.  I need to add purple to my wardrobe.  I noticed that I only have one purple shirt, and it’s too big for me to wear (was a Christmas gift from someone who must think I am huge).  This hat will have to wait til I finish Peanut’s hat. 

I think that’s it for today, but if not I will post more tomorrow.  OH! I just remembered that I am going to a Knit Night Potluck tomorrow!  I am super excited about that.  I am going to make a pasta salad and maybe take cookies.  I also have to remember to take a folding chair.  Since it rained all day yesterday and today I think the chair might have gotten wet.  Hopefully it will be dry enough to take.  And I hope it isn’t stinky.  Nobody wants to sit in a chair that smells like wet towel.  EEEWWW!!!


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