More Pics

Here are some pics of my the front half of my mom’s sleeveless shell.  I have finished all the lace, and am now working the boring stockinette stitch.  I am eager to finish boring St st so that I can start the lace for the back of the shell.

I finally took a picture of the Finding Nemo fish hat!  It has been finished for a while, I just need to wash it now (notice how it doesn’t hang down in the back).  Once I get the hat washed the yarn will soften up and it will look a lot better. 

I am really excited about my pompom peds.  I was afraid to run out of yarn, so I stopped knitting the first sock and put it on a circular needle for now.  Meanwhile, I have started knitting the second sock on the dpns.  I wish I had two sets of size 2 dpns so that I could knit the socks at the same time, but I don’t really NEED the extra sets of dpns.  Hmm… once I start knitting more socks I will have to ask for double sets for Christmas or something.  Anyhow, Here is where I am on the socks so far.

The Transformers Afghan is taking a while, but now I am taking my time on it.  When I started making it I was stressed out about finishing it quickly, but I realized that as soon as I finish it I will want to make another large project, and I can’t d that for two reasons.  One, I don’t have a pattern for anything large that I want to make.  Two, I can’t afford to buy yarn for any large projects.  The first picture is of an Autobot square, and the second picture is of five Decepticon squares on one circular needle.  I don’t know why I didn’t think about knitting more than one square at a time.  I thought that I would get my yarn tangled, but I placed each ball of yarn in a separate bag.  Problem solved, no tangles! 



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2 responses to “More Pics

  1. Patty Hernandez

    Hello , I found your web by accident……..Here is my story……..I Manage the seafood dept at a grocery store call Albertsons and for years I have worn my Nemo Hat. A friend got it for me at Disneyland…….one of my Supervisors was having a bad day and had been tranferred far away and she always loved my Nemo hat so i gave it to her………..Now i am having a hard time finding nemo, adult hat, again…………are you selling this hat, and if yes how much and how can i purchase……….I also do field trips for our store and i love coming to the children and asking them “what dept do you think i work in?” Thank you Patty Holliday-Hernandez …:))

    • Sorry, this hat is not for sale, but the knitting pattern is available for free at Perhaps you can either knit it yourself or get someone who knows how to knit to knit it for you. I used some inexpensive yarn from Walmart to make the hat, and it only took me a week or so to finish it. Good luck. 🙂

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