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Half a blanket?

I decided to lay out all the Tramsformers squares I have made, and I think I have half a blanket right now.  It may be a third of a blanket, depending on how big my brother wanted me to make it.  I was very frustrarted when I took the pictures of it this afternoon.  I had laid them out, opened the windows for good lighting, cleared my bed, and then my husband decided that they wanted to “hang out” with me in the room.  In a matter of seconds my nice setup was ruined by my son.  I have to admit that I got a bit snippy at my husband after that.  Especially when he started trying to calculate how many squares I will be able to make with the yarn I have on hand, after I told him that I can only make 30 squares.  After they left the room I quickly threw the squares back down and took very quick pictures of what it looks like now.  Out of 10 pictures, only two were clear.  All other pictures were blurry.  July 2009 019

July 2009 021
So here are pics of the squares from this afternoon.  Since then, I have managed to complete 2 more squares, and I have about 5 rows left on a third square.  I was very satisfied with the progress I made today.  😀


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Knitting Transformer Squares like a Crazy Person

I have not worked on anything else but my brother’s Transformers blanket.  So far, I have managed to finish 3 of ten balls of yarn.  Two balls are still brand new, and the rest have been used for one square each.  I can get three squares from each ball, so by the time I finish the ten balls of yarn I should have 30 squares. 

I will try to get a picture of what all the squares look like together, but I have to wait til the sun comes out to take the pictures.  I have also started knitting my garter stitch cardigan, but it isn’t much to photograph seeing that I have only completed the first four rows. 

I am considering unraveling my Relm hat, since it was very big, and I don’t see myself really wearing it.  I plan on knitting up a small beanie and using the rest of the yarn I have to make a scarf.  I haven’t decided on a pattern for the scarf.  It will either be a ribbed scarf, or a lacy scarf.  I won’t be starting anything new until I finish my brother’s blanket.

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Relm and one cabled sock

I had a strong urge to knit a hat this weekend, so I made Relm from the Knit.1 Fall/Winter 2008 magazine.  It was fun to learn cables without the cable needle, but the hat is very big.  I don’t think I will go back and make it smaller, since I don’t want to deal with the cables.  The hat is made from Angora Soft from Knit One Crochet Too.  It is very soft and very warm.  I almost broke a sweat from the few minutes of picture taking, of course its about 100 degrees outside.  I am wishing for a cold winter so that I can wear all the wonderful knits I’ve made this year.

relm flatrelm

I finally got a decent picture of my Cable Socks from my Sarah Dallas Knitting book.  I made the first sock in three days, but then I just didn’t get the urge to knit the second sock.  I think it is the lack of difficulty in the pattern.  It is a simple 6 row repeat that got very boring very fast.  I also don’t like how stretchy the pattern is.  It is so stretchy that the socks are almost slouchy, and I don’t really like socks that slouch. 

I started making my first pair of toe-up socks last night.  So far I have only made the toe, but it looks good.  The pattern I am using is Red Brick Road from the same magazine as the Relm hat.  The sock is mostly stockinette and two mock cables up the sides.  I plan on putting all knitting projects aside and finish my mom’s sleeveless tank today.  I already washed clothes this morning, and I don’t really have any plans for the rest of the day.  Hopefully I can get it finished by the end of this week. 

cable socks

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