New Year, New Me!

I haven’t posted in over a year!  Wow, where do I begin?  I have made a lot of my own patterns, and Christmas was a lot of fun and work.  I managed to knit one gift a day, which means everyday I made a scarf, hat, or set of fingerless gloves.   This year I also added a lot of crocheted squares to Anthony’s blanket.  It is pretty big now, and I think it is officially finished. 

Last year was pretty exciting since I decided I wanted to get in shape.  Weight loss isn’t really a goal.  I just really want to feel healthy.  I noticed that I was getting out of breath a lot, and I wasn’t een doing that much work to get that way.  I started by super gluing a pedometer to my waist.   Well, not really, but I did make it a habit to wear it everyday, and to check it every few hours to make sure I was moving.  I also started to do some Taebo and Turbo Jam videos, but I didn’t really get into those til a few months ago.  I prefer Turbo Jam to Taebo. 

This year I invested in a Wii and Wii Fit Plus.  It’s only been a few days so there’s no noticeable improvements yet, but I do hope to report changes in a month or so.  I have decided to not turn on the Wii until I have finished a Turbo Jam video.  I know that Turbo Jam is super fun and totally worth it, but I think if I do the Wii, I will tire myself out with the Just Dance 2 game and I won’t have the energy to do Turbo Jam.  Also, I know my son will rather play on the Wii than watch me kick invisible Turbo Jam butt. 

Finally, this year I am going to challenge my self in my knitting.  I am starting by doing a reversible cabled scarf in gray.  It’s not a hard pattern, but I haven’t made a scarf with cables before since it seemed a bit time-consuming.  When I finish the cabled scarf I am going to knit the Uncle Argyle Scarf from Son of a Stitch and Bitch.  I already bought my yarn, pink and brown, and I have made a back up copy of the pattern just in case I can’t find the book at the library when I need it. 

I will post pictures of the things I remembered to photograph soon.  🙂


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