Gilmore Girls, a Lunch Date, and a Movie Night

This week began in a great way. We spent President’s Day at the movies watching Alvin & the Chipmunks part 3. The theatre was crowded but we got lucky when it came to our seats. The entire row in front of us was full of very short quiet kids, and with the exception of one crying baby, the kids were all pretty well behaved.
This afternoon was very exciting. It began with a lunch date with the hubby followed by a walk through the mall. The best part of the day was my visit to f.y.e. I was able to find the entire set of The Gilmore Girls at an awesome price, $40 of the listed price on each season! As I write this I am watching the first episode of season 2 since I already watched the entire first season.
Finally, today’s picture is of a long ribbed cowl in a grape color. The fit on me isn’t great, but the woman who has it now is a lot bustier than me, and it looks lovely on her. 🙂



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