What a busy morning

I have been awake since three o’clock this morning, and it has been a nonstop kind of day.

Started the day with a movie with the hubby, but he ended up falling asleep so I turned it off. Then it was time for school followed by a trip to Walmart for groceries. We had a quick lunch before getting my son from school, and then we came home and I cleaned like a mad woman. Seriously, the list of things I had to clean was ridiculous.

I did get to squeeze in some fun art activities with my little guy, and simultaneously work on his writing and spelling. He didn’t suspect a thing. Now I’m going to relax and watch some Gilmore Girls and start working on a new crocheted  ruffled scarf. I will post pictures of the yarn I’ll be using tomorrow.

Finally, today’s picture is of the Valentine’s Day mailbox I helped my son make last week. We began with a shoebox with a rectangular hole cut out of the lid. Next we wrapped the bottom of the box and the lid with construction paper. I used different colored paper to cut out different shaped hearts, and then my son glued the hearts randomly all over the box. And that’s pretty much it. It was very quick to make and he received lots of compliments.



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