Writing a Ruffled Scarf Pattern

This Christmas I received a big bag of chunky yarn from my brother. I loved the gift, but it left me with five skeins of Country Loom Yarn in 5 different colorways. So what’s a girl to do?

My first idea was to make something funky that I hadn’t made before, a scarf with ruffles! I spent a few hours looking at some available patterns online, but nothing seemed right. Either the amount of yarn was wrong, or the swatch was way too dense for a scarf that should look like it’s flowing.

I noticed a few similarities in the pattern repeats of crocheted ruffle scarfs, and with a size N hook I started making a practice scarf. I was hoping the yarn would be enough to get at least three rows of the scarf  if I used double crochets got each row. After about an hour of crocheting I found myself unraveling the stupid thing.

After a few deep breaths I pulled out a crochet magazine and looked up the treble crochet. It’s a taller stitch, but I’m not sure how much more yarn I’d need to get all three rows for the scarf. So far it looks like the scarf will have two rows, definitely. I am still not sure if the yarn will be enough for the third row. The treble stitches are adding about half an inch of width, so if the scarf ends up being only two rows it will be about 4 inches wide.

I haven’t taken pics of this scarf, buy here’s another cowl I designed last month. The teacher I made it for asked for something gold and warm. I used Red Heart Super Saver in Gold, and used a simple stitch pattern.



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