Finished Ruffle Scarf

I’ve finished my crocheted ruffle scarf made from Country Loom Yarn in Landscape. The yarn is from Michael’s and is made of 100% acrylic.  Landscape is a blend of blues, and dark and light browns. The yarn is heavy, so I probably wouldn’t make a throw or a bulky sweater, but it’s fine for an accessory.


I have four more skeins of this yarn, which means I will be doing a lot of research tonight looking for some inspiration.

I also plan on searching for a nice hat pattern to make this weekend. This morning my son and I walked to school and to our surprise it was extremely windy! I had to hold my son close so his little 40 pound self wouldn’t topple over and fall in the street. Then of course today was the day I thought the weather was nice enough for a thin sweater and nothing else, and it would have been great if not for that wretched wind. A few hours later when it was time to walk back to pick him up I discovered that I do not own a beanie that can stay on in such strong winds.

So now I am off to ravelry to find some inspiration. I may also check out Pinterest, I’ve read a few things about it on craft blogs and twitter. I will post if I find the site useful. Until tomorrow…


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