Completed My Tote Bag

I am officially done with my tote. Tonight I added a lining and weaved all my ends.


To make the tote I used less than a skein of Red Heart yarn in pink, and scraps of black and beige yarn for the embroidery. The lining was made with an old white t-shirt I’ve had for a while that I never got around to throwing out.  I tried my best to photograph my progress as I made the tote.


This was the drawing I made before knitting the bag. I knew I wanted to add birds and spirals to make it look more Spring-like.




As you can see, the embroidery grew from the sides in, bottom to top, saving the birds for last.


Finally, I cut the rectangle for the lining, sewed it up like a  pillowcase, and pinned it the inside of the purse. I machine sewed the lining but I attached it to the knit purse by hand sewing all the way around twice to ensure it will stay pieced together.

And that’s it, my pink tote is ready to use. I am planning to design some more purses this summer with different designs. If you’d like the knitting pattern for the tote I will be glad to share it, just message me. 


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