Steps to Make a Pineapple Plant

Last year I planted a  pineapple and it grew into a beautiful plant, and this year I am going to grow a second plant.

Step 1: Buy a pineapple that has green fresh looking leaves on top with minimal damage and no browning or yellow leaves.


Step 2: Twist off the top of the pineapple and separate the fruit from the plant part.


Step 3: Remove about an inch of the bottom leaves. This will reveal a yellow section full of brown dots. This is where the roots will grow from.



Step 4: Now you have to flatten the bottom and remove the fruit that remains. If you don’t remove it, it will rot.


Step 5: Now put your plant in a cup of water and place in a well lit area. I will keep it in my kitchen, and once the roots fill the cup it will go in some dirt outside. Also, don’t forget to enjoy your fruit!



Finally, here is my plant from last year. It grew in a four inch plastic pot outside my door, and I just transferred it this week. I hope it grows a bit more this year.



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