Riverbed Rib Hat

Knit a hat tonight. The pattern is from the Noro Accessories book. I used some Red Heart Super Solid yarn I had, but I will probably make it again in a lighter color and softer yarn.



The pattern was very easy. It only took me two hours to knit. 🙂



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6 responses to “Riverbed Rib Hat

  1. Christina

    I have worked on this patterned hat for a whole day and it still did not work out. the Noro book pattern has some errors i think?
    The picture you have here may help me sort it out and copy visually.

    • You’re welcome. I followed the pattern exactly as it is in the book. The trick is to pull the stitches apart when you drop the stitches. The stitch will come apart till you get to the yo stitches.

      • Christina

        So I thought I was following the book too, but when the make a stich row was worked too many stitches were made so did you need to make adjustments here? ie from 58 to 63 as book called for.

      • I checked my notes, and I wrote down 56 sts for my cast on, and the first increase right after changing needle size resulted in having 63 sts. The pattern repeat is nine stitches, so I put stitch markers to keep each repeat separated. Hope this helps.

      • Christina

        Thank you for that it is most helpful, I have almost finished the hat for my daughter, think it will pass her eagle eye.

      • Christina

        Your picture was so helpful i completed the hat at last. it was great to finish and feel i triumphed

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