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Marlene Socks are Complete

Today I finished my Marlene socks, and it was very on-the-edge-of-my-seat knitting.  I was so scared that I would run out of yarn, because the pattern called for about 50 yards more than I had.  I omitted two repeats on both socks, and it worked!  I ended up having about 4 feet of yarn left over.  It was a very close call.  I love the result.  I used Kertzer On Your Toes Bamboo, which is very splitty, very soft, and fuzzes a little as you knit it.  The color showed the stitch definition very well.  I am considering using the pattern Marlene, by Cookie A. again, but next time with a blue yarn.  Here are some pictures.  Enjoy.

June 2009 016

June 2009 015

June 2009 019


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Lots of new projects this week!

This week I started my Marlene socks with my bamboo yarn, and I also started my Cherie Amour sweater from Knitty.  The Marlene socks were extremely frustrating!  For some reason my family wanted all my attention the day I casted on, and I had to unravel my sock 3 times!  The first time 2nd time I unraveled was the worst because I had already knitted 2 inches of the sock, and 2 inches on size 2 needles are a lot of rows!  Saturday morning I casted on for the Cherie Amour sweater, and I am still unsure about the yarn for that sweater.  I think I will just keep knitting it until I see a little bit more of the pattern knit up.  Right now it just looks like a bunch of holes!  I am also going to need to pick a hat for this coming week.  I am thinking of just making a plain black beanie, since most of the hats I have made are women’s hats.  I think a plain beanie will be quick.  I will begin my hat on Thursday or Friday.

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