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Lots of new projects this week!

This week I started my Marlene socks with my bamboo yarn, and I also started my Cherie Amour sweater from Knitty.  The Marlene socks were extremely frustrating!  For some reason my family wanted all my attention the day I casted on, and I had to unravel my sock 3 times!  The first time 2nd time I unraveled was the worst because I had already knitted 2 inches of the sock, and 2 inches on size 2 needles are a lot of rows!  Saturday morning I casted on for the Cherie Amour sweater, and I am still unsure about the yarn for that sweater.  I think I will just keep knitting it until I see a little bit more of the pattern knit up.  Right now it just looks like a bunch of holes!  I am also going to need to pick a hat for this coming week.  I am thinking of just making a plain black beanie, since most of the hats I have made are women’s hats.  I think a plain beanie will be quick.  I will begin my hat on Thursday or Friday.


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New Project Pics

I have new pictures of several projects, today.  First, my Wool Noggins hat, which is hat 4 in my Hat a Week Project.  This hat was so easy and fast to knit!  It only took about two hours, and I was able to finish it completely during Peanut’s nap Sunday afternoon. 


I have also gotten a lot done on my mom’s sleeveless shell.  Right now I have finished the entire lace pattern of the front piece of the shirt, but I don’t have pictures of that.  I do have pictures of half the lace next to the original shirt I made, and also a picture of what the pattern in the magazine looks like. 


I have also started working on a new pair of ankle socks using some scrap yarn I had in my stash.  This sock pattern almost got thrown out after I made the first half of the first sock and I realized the sock was huge!  I followed the pattern and used the right size needle and yarn, but I didn’t check my gauge.  Apparently I was knitting too loosely and the sock was over-sized.  I unraveled it Sunday night and started it over.  By Monday night I had a nice fitting sock, and it looks like I may have enough yarn to complete both socks.  I was getting worried that I might have to have different colored toes on them.  This is a picture of the over-sized sock that I ripped out.  I will take pictures of the new version of the socks soon.

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Hat a Week: Week 2 Complete

I have completed the Finding Nemo Hat, fins and all!  The hat was supposed to be for Peanut, but he doesn’t let me put it on his head.  However, he loves it when I wear it, so I think I will keep it for myself.  There is a lot of orange, white, and black yarn left over.  I am planning to make more hats with the yarn, perhaps a Halloween theme hat or trick-or-treat bag for Peanut.

Week Three of my Hat a Week Project is still undecided.  I know that I will use purple yarn, but I have no idea what kind of hat I want to make.  I can either make a bulky beret, a lacy beret, or a beanie.  I hate to wear beanies, though, because they make my hair so frizzy in the winter.  I think I will go with something that fits loosely.

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