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Cabled Socks and Baby Mittens

Finally have Internet connection again. 🙂  I have been knitting my brother’s blanket so much lately that I decided to take a break and return to some old projects that I had on hold.  I finished my Cable Socks from Sarah Dallas Knitting on August 4th.  Each sock only takes about four days to complete, but I put them on hold for about a month to get other knitting done.  The socks have cables all over, and the purl stitches between the cables make the socks very stretchy. 

At the end of July I finally learned the steps to two socks on two circular needles.  I didn’t really have plans to knit socks at the time, so instead I knit some baby mittens for my newest nephew.  I don’t plan on giving them to my sister-in-law, because she seemed very unappreciative when I sent her a picture of them.  I am going to keep them until I find someone to give them to. 

Other than the socks and mittens, I have not finished any new projects.  I started two scarves this month, but I have not taken any pictures of them yet.  I will post about them as soon as I finish the first of the two scarves.


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Relm and one cabled sock

I had a strong urge to knit a hat this weekend, so I made Relm from the Knit.1 Fall/Winter 2008 magazine.  It was fun to learn cables without the cable needle, but the hat is very big.  I don’t think I will go back and make it smaller, since I don’t want to deal with the cables.  The hat is made from Angora Soft from Knit One Crochet Too.  It is very soft and very warm.  I almost broke a sweat from the few minutes of picture taking, of course its about 100 degrees outside.  I am wishing for a cold winter so that I can wear all the wonderful knits I’ve made this year.

relm flatrelm

I finally got a decent picture of my Cable Socks from my Sarah Dallas Knitting book.  I made the first sock in three days, but then I just didn’t get the urge to knit the second sock.  I think it is the lack of difficulty in the pattern.  It is a simple 6 row repeat that got very boring very fast.  I also don’t like how stretchy the pattern is.  It is so stretchy that the socks are almost slouchy, and I don’t really like socks that slouch. 

I started making my first pair of toe-up socks last night.  So far I have only made the toe, but it looks good.  The pattern I am using is Red Brick Road from the same magazine as the Relm hat.  The sock is mostly stockinette and two mock cables up the sides.  I plan on putting all knitting projects aside and finish my mom’s sleeveless tank today.  I already washed clothes this morning, and I don’t really have any plans for the rest of the day.  Hopefully I can get it finished by the end of this week. 

cable socks

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Showing the little guys love

So I am really showing the little men in my life some love right now.   I finished my new nephew’s blanket a few days ago.  He isn’t due til the end of July, so technically I will be giving the blanket to my SIL.  I used a basic granny square pattern and changed the colors every once in a while.  I wanted to use Red Heart Soft Yarn, since I already had a ball of it in Avocado.  Since it was a pretty unique color I had, I wanted the other colors to be unique, too, so I got teal and grape.  I think of it as a modern baby blanket, since it isn’t made with lighter colors, like baby blue and mint green.  I had a hard time taking a good pic, since the yarn tends to shine when I use the flash on the camera.  I hope the pics are decent.

baby blanket bottom up


Baby blanket corner

baby blanket left leaning

This is the yarn I had left over from the three original balls.  I am going to use them in a fair isle hat I plan to make for myself.  I am not going to make it until I finish my garter yoke cardigan.  I want to use the leftover yarn from that project as a base color for the fair isle hat. 

baby blanket yarn left overs

My mom gave me two balls of Scarlet Red Caron Natura Yarn, and I had no idea what to do with it.  It is a little bright for a scarf and hat set, atleast for my skin tone.  I imagine that it will make my skin look orange. 

caron natura scarlet

So I decided to crochet a toy for Peanut, a big red ball.  He loved it, expecially since he didn’t see me make it.  My husband has requested that I make a bunch of these balls in different colors.  He has also asked that I make a soccer ball.  I have a lot of black and white yarn, but I don’t think I have a lot of patience to make the kind of soccer ball he wants. 

I have also started making some cable socks from my Sarah Dallas Knitting book, but I have not taken any pics of them yet.  Today is laundry day, so I probably won’t be able to work on them today.  I might get some pictures up by the end of the week.

scarlet ball

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