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Started mom’s sleeveless shell

I have finally started knitting my mom’s lacy sleeveless shell. I was apprehensive about the chart and the sizing, but I just decided to go for it. After all, if it doesn’t fit I can always unravel it and start over again. I could also just give it to her and let her decide what she wants to do with the yarn since she has started knitting and crocheting, too. I think I will pick a pattern for hat number four of my Hat a Week Project. I know I want to use the wine colored Bernat Satin Sport yarn that I used for my duckies. It’s sport weight so I am going to check Ravelry for a hat pattern I like.

I am also excited right now because Kyle Busch won the race tonight! It is his birthday today, and he has been winning all weekend. Yay for him!


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Frogged Duckies

So I was knitting some house socks out of Bernat Satin Sport yarn, and I am sad to say that the socks were a disappointment.  😦  I completed the first sock, put it on, and was horrified.  The pattern was okay, but I would have changed the placement of the heel flap.  The directions didn’t clarify that I should center the lace, and as it was y first lacy sock I didn’t know I was supposed to.  As soon as I began knitting the length of the foot, I noticed that the lace was lopsided!  The eyelet/yarn over section should have begun a few stitches later, not where I put them. 


Also, the yarn is a nice choice for scarves and hats, maybe even a sweater, but it is terrible for socks!  I could literally feel the acrylic rubbing against itself when I put the sock on!  Needless to say I was very disappointed with my sock.  I will once again rip out a project made from this yarn.  So far I have ripped out two blouses and one sock made from this yarn.  I think I will try either a hat or a scarf pattern with this yarn (I have about 2 1/2 balls at about 220 yards per ball).  I wish I had it in both white and black so that I could make my nephew the pirate hat I have been meaning to make.  The pattern calls for sport weight or dk yarn, and I only have worsted weight yarn in black and white. 

On a completely different note, I decided to cut Peanut’s hair today while he was in the tub playing.  Hubby ran in with scissors, snip, snip, and it was over.  Peanut didn’t even notice.  However, I want to cut it more since it is starting to look more and more like a bob hair cut to me.  Maybe we should just shave it all off.  We have slippers, but I am just afraid to accidentally cut him in any way.  We have discussed cutting his hair while he sleeps, but I am apprehensive since that would mean that his hair might be very uneven and there would be hair all over the sheets.

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