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Ballard Slouch Hat


Doing my mom a favor and knitting some hats for her sister in law. This is hat one. The next hat will probabl be a plain black beret.


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Riverbed Rib Hat

Knit a hat tonight. The pattern is from the Noro Accessories book. I used some Red Heart Super Solid yarn I had, but I will probably make it again in a lighter color and softer yarn.



The pattern was very easy. It only took me two hours to knit. 🙂


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Lina Hat is Done!

I finally took a picture of my Lina hat, plus I got to wear it this morning on the way to dropping my son off at school.



I was so happy when I realized that the hat matched the entrelac  cowl I made last month. By the way, the cowl is made in Red Heart Super Saver Purple Tones, and the pattern was my own.

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Quick Hat

I decided to make the Lina hat for myself this week.

This is the yarn I’m using.


It is a yarn from Brown Sheep that I bought a very long time ago at a thrift store. I love the color purple, and this next pix shows the color a little better.


I think the pattern is a quick knit. As long as you don’t have a problem with cables you can easily make it.  I plan to finish it by the end of the week.


Now I’m going back to my Nascar racing. Have a good night!

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Showing the little guys love

So I am really showing the little men in my life some love right now.   I finished my new nephew’s blanket a few days ago.  He isn’t due til the end of July, so technically I will be giving the blanket to my SIL.  I used a basic granny square pattern and changed the colors every once in a while.  I wanted to use Red Heart Soft Yarn, since I already had a ball of it in Avocado.  Since it was a pretty unique color I had, I wanted the other colors to be unique, too, so I got teal and grape.  I think of it as a modern baby blanket, since it isn’t made with lighter colors, like baby blue and mint green.  I had a hard time taking a good pic, since the yarn tends to shine when I use the flash on the camera.  I hope the pics are decent.

baby blanket bottom up


Baby blanket corner

baby blanket left leaning

This is the yarn I had left over from the three original balls.  I am going to use them in a fair isle hat I plan to make for myself.  I am not going to make it until I finish my garter yoke cardigan.  I want to use the leftover yarn from that project as a base color for the fair isle hat. 

baby blanket yarn left overs

My mom gave me two balls of Scarlet Red Caron Natura Yarn, and I had no idea what to do with it.  It is a little bright for a scarf and hat set, atleast for my skin tone.  I imagine that it will make my skin look orange. 

caron natura scarlet

So I decided to crochet a toy for Peanut, a big red ball.  He loved it, expecially since he didn’t see me make it.  My husband has requested that I make a bunch of these balls in different colors.  He has also asked that I make a soccer ball.  I have a lot of black and white yarn, but I don’t think I have a lot of patience to make the kind of soccer ball he wants. 

I have also started making some cable socks from my Sarah Dallas Knitting book, but I have not taken any pics of them yet.  Today is laundry day, so I probably won’t be able to work on them today.  I might get some pictures up by the end of the week.

scarlet ball

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Meet Baby the Penguin!

It has been so long since I picked up a hook!  I think that the last time I crocheted something was when I made a Winnie the Pooh dishcloth.  I had a lot of yarn left over from the Nemo hat, and I wanted to make something for Peanut, so I made a penguin.  The penguin pattern is from the Lion Brand website, and it’s very easy.  Essentially it is a bunch of circles and one ball.  As I was making it Peanut was amazed that it was becoming a penguin.  I began the penguin yesterday night, and finished it this morning.  Here are some pics.

May 2009 084

May 2009 082

May 2009 081

May 2009 080

We have finally gotten some rain here, and I thought it would be fun to play with my camera effects and take pictures of the storm clouds coming in on Friday.  I think it has rained on and off each day since then.  😀

May 2009 055

May 2009 054

May 2009 053

May 2009 052

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