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Shopping Spree

Yesterday my mom and Lloyd came down to visit and it was very fun.  They came to eat lunch and then came later for a visit.  I got to give them Eric’s hat, which fit Lloyd so it should fit his brother.  After Lloyd went back home, me and my mom hit the stores for a shopping spree.  We went to Borders, which was a big disappointment.  THe only book that I was interested in was Weekend Knitting, but it was too expensive for my budget.  We decided to go to Half Price instead.  I had a great time there, and I bought a few things.  The two books Quick Knits Cool Projects by House of Birches (I paid only $8 and saw the same book at JoAnn’s for more than $20), and Blankets, Hats and Booties by Kristin Spurkland.  I also bought the winter issues of KnitSimple and Knit.1.  The Knit.1 magazine made me a little upset, because someone tore out 8 pages!  I am missing 5 or 6 projects from the project list. 

I really enjoyed making Eric’s hat, but I am back to knitting the Transformers squares.  I casted on my third Decepticon square today.  I have also decided that I would like to start a new project, Hat a Week.  I will knit a different hat each week.  It only took me one day to make Eric’s hat, and that hat was actually more complicated than most.  The first hat I want to make for my new project is the fish hat from the Knitty website.  I bought the yarn I needed for this hat today.  I will make a clown fish, sort of like Marlin.  I won’t make Nemo since it would have a heavy side (the larger fin).  I also bought some purple yarn to make a hat or something.  I really just wanted purple yarn.  I noticed that I have never purchased yarn in orange or purple.  Now I have both. 

Oh, my mom gave me her cabled newsboy cap so that I could take pics.  I made it around September or October.  I can’t really remember since it only took a day or two to make.

I will post pics of the Marlin Fish Hat as soon as I start working on it.


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