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Cabled Socks and Baby Mittens

Finally have Internet connection again. 🙂  I have been knitting my brother’s blanket so much lately that I decided to take a break and return to some old projects that I had on hold.  I finished my Cable Socks from Sarah Dallas Knitting on August 4th.  Each sock only takes about four days to complete, but I put them on hold for about a month to get other knitting done.  The socks have cables all over, and the purl stitches between the cables make the socks very stretchy. 

At the end of July I finally learned the steps to two socks on two circular needles.  I didn’t really have plans to knit socks at the time, so instead I knit some baby mittens for my newest nephew.  I don’t plan on giving them to my sister-in-law, because she seemed very unappreciative when I sent her a picture of them.  I am going to keep them until I find someone to give them to. 

Other than the socks and mittens, I have not finished any new projects.  I started two scarves this month, but I have not taken any pictures of them yet.  I will post about them as soon as I finish the first of the two scarves.


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