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I’m Going to Try

Last year when I started to knit I immediately got to blogging.  But so much happened this last year!  I moved, lost internet access, and even stopped knitting so much!  Well, now I am back at my own place, and I have internet again!  I tried the twitter thing, but it just wasn’t my thing.  I am on ravelry as Topacio and I have all the older stuff I’ve knitted on there.  Slowly I will post my recent projects on my blog.  I will Probably start with my oldest projects and of course I will blog about my recent WIPs. 

Right now I have 2 projects going.  I am making a Scarf Front Cardi from Knit.1 spring/summer 2008 with Bernat Satin Sport yarn.  I have completed the back, and now I just need to work on the scarf front part.

I am also working on a crocheted giant granny square afghan.  I am using  a big bag of acrylic worsted weight yarn, mostly Red Heart.  I have so much scrap yarn, and I am not in the mood to make hats. 

I will post pics later.  Right now I am starving and am going to throw a pizza in the oven.  Yummmm.


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