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Lacy Shawl is Complete

I finished up the Lacy Shawl, and I think it looks really nice.  I haven’t taken a good picture of it in the sunlight, but the following are pretty nice.  So far, this shawl has become very handy at night when my house is freezing.  🙂

June 2009 020

June 2009 023

June 2009 025

I have also started working the Fairly Easy Fair Isle Sweater from Stitch n Bitch Nation.  I am omitting the fair isle part, and making the sweater in a red bulky yarn.  It looks really nice right now, but I may have to redo the bottom part since it is rolling up.  I will try to get pictures of it soon.

Oh, and one last thing, I have to say that I love this new toy I bought for Peanut.  It is one of those magnetic fish games that I used to have when I was younger.  He got it last Friday, and already two fishes have taped on eyes and I had to tape up a fishing pole.  What can you expect from a toy that costs $1.50? 

June 2009 009



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I hate rainy nights

Last night I got zero hours of sleep, and I blame the very loud rain.  My son fell asleep about one hour before I turned off the lights, and about two minutes later the lightning and thunder began.  For the next half hour I had to keep patting my son so that he could go back to sleep, but the rain won.  My son was wide awake and ready for his day!  I stayed awake til about 8 am when he decided it was nap-time, and I was so relieved!  I slept til about 3 pm, which made me very happy.  My son’s schedule is really off tonight, and he is still wide awake at 1 am.  I took a short power nap at around 9 so I am ready to stay awake til whenever.  I am sure he will get back on schedule tomorrow.  I hope. 

I did get a lot of knitting done on my lacy shawl last night and this afternoon.  I have one more 16 row lace repeat, and then I can begin the edging, which I am still not too sure I want to make.  I need to go look at some ravelry FOs to see if I like the way the lace edge looks.  Hopefully I will have it finished before Friday so that I can take it to Yarnivore and show off my first lace shawl (I made a garter stitch shawl for my mom a few months ago, but it was too easy to be considered a lace shawl). 

This is a very blurry of how big it was Wednesday night.  It has since grown a bit. 

I have been really good about not buying yarn, but my mom has not.  She has been knitting like crazy, and I am benefiting from her yarn binge.  She is going to give me 6 skeins of yarn on the 16th when she comes to visit.  Four skeins are cream colored and two are red, so I will make a sweater with the cream stuff, and a hat/scarf set with the red.  I am very excited, but I must finish all current WIPs before starting anything new (this is my new rule for myself).  We’ll see if I can actually keep my self from casting on too early.  🙂

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Need to get things finished…

I really need to get some things finished.  I feel like I have been working on some stuff forever!  I think I started my mom’s sleeveless shell in March, and I am barely done with the front section.  I finished it up to where the sleeves begin, and I put the stitches on holders to work on later.  I tried to take a picture of it, but the color is horrible to take pictures of.  sleeveless shell 2 front section

 I have also gotten pretty far on my Lacy Shawl from the Knit.1 Spring/Summer 2008 magazine.  The pattern calls for a size 5 needle.  I started with a size 6 needle, but the pattern was too bunched up.  After much trial and error I settled on size 10 needles!  It is working up pretty fast, and the pattern is pretty easy to remember. 

Size 6 needles

Size 6 needles

Used size 10 needles

Used size 10 needles

I like how the negative version shows the stitch pattern

I like how the negative version shows the stitch pattern


I also made a Cherie Amour, but I hated it and ripped it out.  here is a pic I took just before I decided it was a horrible pattern.

Cherie Amour at 75percent done

Sorry, I forgot to rotate the picture. 

Finally I have pics of my Marlene socks!  I have not made much of them, but they look beautiful already.

May 2009 022

May 2009 021

May 2009 017

I am going to try very hard to have one of these projects (not the Cherie Amour, of course) finished by the end of next week.

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