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Need to get things finished…

I really need to get some things finished.  I feel like I have been working on some stuff forever!  I think I started my mom’s sleeveless shell in March, and I am barely done with the front section.  I finished it up to where the sleeves begin, and I put the stitches on holders to work on later.  I tried to take a picture of it, but the color is horrible to take pictures of.  sleeveless shell 2 front section

 I have also gotten pretty far on my Lacy Shawl from the Knit.1 Spring/Summer 2008 magazine.  The pattern calls for a size 5 needle.  I started with a size 6 needle, but the pattern was too bunched up.  After much trial and error I settled on size 10 needles!  It is working up pretty fast, and the pattern is pretty easy to remember. 

Size 6 needles

Size 6 needles

Used size 10 needles

Used size 10 needles

I like how the negative version shows the stitch pattern

I like how the negative version shows the stitch pattern


I also made a Cherie Amour, but I hated it and ripped it out.  here is a pic I took just before I decided it was a horrible pattern.

Cherie Amour at 75percent done

Sorry, I forgot to rotate the picture. 

Finally I have pics of my Marlene socks!  I have not made much of them, but they look beautiful already.

May 2009 022

May 2009 021

May 2009 017

I am going to try very hard to have one of these projects (not the Cherie Amour, of course) finished by the end of next week.


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More Pics

Here are some pics of my the front half of my mom’s sleeveless shell.  I have finished all the lace, and am now working the boring stockinette stitch.  I am eager to finish boring St st so that I can start the lace for the back of the shell.

I finally took a picture of the Finding Nemo fish hat!  It has been finished for a while, I just need to wash it now (notice how it doesn’t hang down in the back).  Once I get the hat washed the yarn will soften up and it will look a lot better. 

I am really excited about my pompom peds.  I was afraid to run out of yarn, so I stopped knitting the first sock and put it on a circular needle for now.  Meanwhile, I have started knitting the second sock on the dpns.  I wish I had two sets of size 2 dpns so that I could knit the socks at the same time, but I don’t really NEED the extra sets of dpns.  Hmm… once I start knitting more socks I will have to ask for double sets for Christmas or something.  Anyhow, Here is where I am on the socks so far.

The Transformers Afghan is taking a while, but now I am taking my time on it.  When I started making it I was stressed out about finishing it quickly, but I realized that as soon as I finish it I will want to make another large project, and I can’t d that for two reasons.  One, I don’t have a pattern for anything large that I want to make.  Two, I can’t afford to buy yarn for any large projects.  The first picture is of an Autobot square, and the second picture is of five Decepticon squares on one circular needle.  I don’t know why I didn’t think about knitting more than one square at a time.  I thought that I would get my yarn tangled, but I placed each ball of yarn in a separate bag.  Problem solved, no tangles! 


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New Project Pics

I have new pictures of several projects, today.  First, my Wool Noggins hat, which is hat 4 in my Hat a Week Project.  This hat was so easy and fast to knit!  It only took about two hours, and I was able to finish it completely during Peanut’s nap Sunday afternoon. 


I have also gotten a lot done on my mom’s sleeveless shell.  Right now I have finished the entire lace pattern of the front piece of the shirt, but I don’t have pictures of that.  I do have pictures of half the lace next to the original shirt I made, and also a picture of what the pattern in the magazine looks like. 


I have also started working on a new pair of ankle socks using some scrap yarn I had in my stash.  This sock pattern almost got thrown out after I made the first half of the first sock and I realized the sock was huge!  I followed the pattern and used the right size needle and yarn, but I didn’t check my gauge.  Apparently I was knitting too loosely and the sock was over-sized.  I unraveled it Sunday night and started it over.  By Monday night I had a nice fitting sock, and it looks like I may have enough yarn to complete both socks.  I was getting worried that I might have to have different colored toes on them.  This is a picture of the over-sized sock that I ripped out.  I will take pictures of the new version of the socks soon.

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Started mom’s sleeveless shell

I have finally started knitting my mom’s lacy sleeveless shell. I was apprehensive about the chart and the sizing, but I just decided to go for it. After all, if it doesn’t fit I can always unravel it and start over again. I could also just give it to her and let her decide what she wants to do with the yarn since she has started knitting and crocheting, too. I think I will pick a pattern for hat number four of my Hat a Week Project. I know I want to use the wine colored Bernat Satin Sport yarn that I used for my duckies. It’s sport weight so I am going to check Ravelry for a hat pattern I like.

I am also excited right now because Kyle Busch won the race tonight! It is his birthday today, and he has been winning all weekend. Yay for him!

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